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Explore Jerusalem's Soul

Are you traveling solo to Jerusalem and want every minute to matter?
Would you like to find the venues where you can quietly be transported back in your imagination to the time of Jesus?  To David?  To Abraham?
Are you a camera buff and would like to return from Jerusalem with a collection of stunning and exotic photos that no one else has?
Are you an ardent culinary adventurer eager to sample spicy Middle Eastern food?
"Gila's 2023 Guide:  Explore Jerusalem's Soul" will help you choose the most meaningful "off-the-beaten-path" sites to experience (or share with your fellow pilgrims if you are a tour leader) on your free day.  You'll have phone numbers to check opening and closing times.  Gila's very detailed directions will lead you right to the front door.  And if it's locked, she'll suggest how to open it.
"Explore Jerusalem's Soul" describes the top ten lesser-known churches worth visiting to give you an opportunity to sample Jerusalem's religious diversity.  Gila's guide leads you to each church when it's open, orients you to that particular denomination and its history and gives you a suggested reading relevant to the
theme of each church.
"Explore Jerusalem's Soul" gives you explicit directions to reach each site as well as suggestions for Bible study and reflection.  If you want to take advantage of every free moment in Jerusalem to explore its soul, Gila's guide gives you a funky suggestion of what to do at 4.30 a.m. and at 5.30 a.m.  Both are completely safe, yet exotic.

"Gila, right after Christmas I had the opportunity to spend a week in Jerusalem all by myself, and I found your guide to be very helpful.  I went to some places that we do not normally visit on our Pilgrimages, and I explored Jerusalem on foot from my hotel so I better understand the lay of the land.  Thank you."  Rev E Scott Dow DMin, Augusta, Maine

Gila's Unorthodox Guide:  Explore Jerusalem's Soul is full of up-to-date, insider suggestions to the top ten places to meditate on the Bible, ten little-known churches worth visiting, the ten most rewarding roof-top views and the top ten places for Middle Eastern food -- altogether 40 sites in Jerusalem that most tourists never visit.
Gila's Top Ten places to meditate on the Bible tells you:
  • The best place to read about Abraham's "almost" sacrifice of Isaac
  • The best place to read about the "Messianic Mountain"
  • The best place to read about Mary and Joseph losing Jesus after his "bar mitzvah"
  • Where to find a ring-side seat at the "end of days" to watch the magnificent spectacle of the resurrection of the dead
  • How to open the private garden of Gethsemane
Gila's Top Ten little-known churches worth visiting tells you:
  • Where you can walk through the "eye of the needle"
  • Where the "true cross" was kept for safe-keeping before it was lost in battle
  • Where you can hear an organ with Spanish trumpets
  • All about Veronica
  • The location of the "other" Upper Room
  • Where to find a collection of khatchkars
Wouldn't you like to see these places at your own leisure and know how to find them?

Nebi Samwil

Roof-tops in the Christian Quarter

Huldah Gates and the Messianic Mountain


Church of Mary Magdalene

John the Baptist

The Pasha Room

Gila's Top Ten most rewarding Roof-Top Views tells you:
  • Where 195 steps lead you to the best view over Bethany, Bethpage and the Mount of Olives
  • How Charles Gordon identified the place where Jesus was crucified
  • The one place in Jerusalem you can't go alone and why
  • Where to overlook the Valley of Hell
  • Where Richard the Lion-Heart shielded his eyes so as not to see the Holy City
Gila's Top Ten places to sample Middle Eastern food tells you:
  • How to find the best falafel in the Old City and the proprietor's recipe which will make your mouth water
  • The place with the longest line of locals waiting to buy a bowl of hummus
  • Where you will be dazzled in a chef's restaurant with an open kitchen, happy food and a dynamic menu with the freshest food
  • The insider place for Knafe and other Middle Eastern delicacies
  • Where to go to taste the lentil soup that caused Esau to sell his birthright to his younger brother Jacob
All from a guide who has lived in Jerusalem for 40 years and has taken tens of thousands of pilgrims to see Jerusalem's hidden gems.  Includes directions, history, phone numbers, Bible references and even tips on how to obtain the key to open locked places.
Pick and choose among 40 sites according to your temperament, time frame, impulse and imagination.

"Gila, I just downloaded your “Explore Jerusalem’s Soul” guide and quickly read the first ten pages of it. It’s EXCELLENT! And a heck of a bargain at $19.95 USD!" -- Vic Paladini, Sierra Vista, Arizona

"I visited Jerusalem a month ago and I have to thank you for your guide. I'm writing a novel on the Crusades and the Frank kingdom of Jerusalem and I wanted to see what the city looks like and how I can best describe the Tower of David, the Holy Sepulcher....

Thanks to you I got dragged in the church [of St. Mark] by Yostina and actually saw a Syriac celebration! I was amazed to be so lucky!

I went 3 times to St Veronica's church, always alone (I can't believe people just take pictures of the number VI on the wall and walk away!) and bought 4 icons from the little sisters.  We had a nice chat.

Thank you so much!  I fell in love with Jerusalem!" -- Sara Jond Nécand, from the Alps, living in Ireland

Gila's 2023 Guide:  Explore Jerusalem's Soul is a 46-page downloadable PDF (Adobe Acrobat Reader) guide.  It's formatted so it's easy to take along on your trip to Jerusalem.

"Gila, the download looks GREAT!  Simple and informative..." -- Ron H., Chapel Hill, N.C.

$19.95 PDF Guide "Explore Jerusalem's Soul"

Payment is by Paypal.  You don't need to be a member or have a password to order by credit card via Paypal.  After you order, I will email you the link so you can download the 46-page guide "Explore Jerusalem's Soul."
(If you don't already have the Acrobat Reader program on your computer, you can download it for free here.)
If you want to be fully present to take in the sights, sounds and smells of the Holy Land, listen to Gila's audio highlights of Jerusalem and Jericho before you come.  This one-hour listener-friendly audio CD will give you enough background so that you can soak in the spiritual ambiance and be fully engaged in each holy site. 




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